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When the topic is means of payment, M.One advises Central Banks, Mints and Security Printers worldwide. We have the technical solutions for you, whether it’s innovative security printing, cost-effective coin production, or environmental friendly manufacturing methods. We represent innovative companies and market leaders.

Thanks to our independence and expertise, we able to choose the simplest and simultaneously most effective solution to your problem. That's why it's our mission to find the payment transaction solutions that best meet your needs as a customer.

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Together, our team of specialists has more than 80 years of experience in means of payment. Our focus on this area means that we know every detail of coin production, security printing and smart card production. We are known for our ability to think outside the box and find unconventional solutions to your problems. This is why Central Banks around the world value us as advisers.

We speak your language: together, our team can communicate with you in more than 10 languages. This makes things easier when it comes to complex details; for example, when we are working with you on the optimal specifications for nominals to meet your individual needs and international standards. Ask us if you want to privatise a state institution in the financial sector or optimise their services.

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Our world demands increasingly complex security measures. Products such as banknotes, passports, visa papers and revenue stamps make up a crucial part of traditional security printing. We support you in guaranteeing their security through state-of-the-art technology. Ink, paper, holograms, the latest production equipment; we can advise you thanks to our portfolio of security products.


Coins are the oldest product in the world that is still in use. Their form has barely changed. And yet when it comes to manufacturing coins, a lot has changed in recent decades. We work with innovative producers from all areas of coin manufacturing and the supply industry. Regardless of whether you wish to purchase coins outright, or manufacture them in a state-owned or private Mint, we have the right ideas and the best suppliers.

As independent agents, we will find the perfect cost-efficient, secure, and environmentally friendly solution for you.


Our responsibility does not end with the delivery of coins. This is why we also offer complete solutions for devaluing old coins and recapturing the metal they contain through the raw material cycle.

Being pioneers in the safe demonetization and recycling of coins for almost 20 years now we have our own technology for the secure, cost-efficient and responsible devaluation of coins on an industrial basis. Our Decoiner machines have now been involved in 30 projects on four continents. We have devalued and recycled a total of 120,000 tons of old coins.

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The earth’s raw materials are precious. For the coming generations, we are responsible for having used them meaningfully. MOne is aware of this responsibility, and therefore relies on state-of-the-art, environmental friendly technology.

Since 1998, we have been pioneers in recapturing coin metals with our Recycling Expertise. We collaborate with innovative companies such as H2O, who are committed to protecting our raw materials. Ask us about the efficient use of water, metals and energy, whether in coin production or security printing.

We advise Ministries, Central Banks and Production Companies on how to improve their environmental compatibility. We are also happy to help you acquire the relevant certificates in these areas.


We represent leading companies in the supply industry for coin production, security printing and money logistics. We see ourselves as mediators between state-of-the-art technology and international markets.

Our portfolio includes market leaders such as H2O, Luminescence, Komori, Sack & Kiesselbach, and Spaleck. And we are always looking for innovative companies that have developed their own solutions in the field of money transactions. We are by their side, supporting them with advice on how to reach their target groups. Contact us if you want to know more.

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